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Law & Order

What I Believe: America was designed to be a nation of laws. We have fought many wars to ensure this fundamental belief stays intact. Unfortunately, as we see on a daily basis now, the brave men and women of law enforcement, and our very rule of law, are being challenged in cities across America. A disregard for the laws that govern a civil society and the ‘cancel culture’ have permeated our daily lives and are endeavoring to become the norm. It is imperative that the First Amendment be protected for every citizen but when one’s rights infringe on another’s, freedom of expression no longer holds the same degree of value.

It is imperative that our law enforcement officers have access to the best training and technology available. Our communities are safer when our law enforcement departments are funded and new technologies are implemented. I am committed to working with local, state, and federal officers and authorities to maintain and improve their cooperative efforts to reduce violent crime, fight human trafficking, and defeat the drug cartels.

Why I Believe It: I know that law enforcement is critical to ensuring the safety of all citizens. I have a solid track record on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors of increasing funding for the Sheriff’s Department, increasing salaries for deputies, and ensuring law enforcement and first responders have the tools and training needed to successfully and safely do their jobs. And, I will continue this unwavering support in Congress. Public safety is a critical and essential role of government and supporting efforts to defund and disperse law enforcement is dangerous and destructive.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work on:

  • – Creating a Law Enforcement “Bill of Rights” that protect those who protect us
  • Increasing funding for law enforcement departments, including competitive raises
  • – Making crimes against law enforcement a true hate crime
  • – Protecting police officers/deputies from assault and harassment, including protecting their families from the same
  • – Providing greater protections for law enforcement officers from frivolous civil actions
  • – Greater protection for police/deputies from unintended consequences of rightful/reasonable actions

It's up to you: Bob relies on the generous support of people like you to keep his campaign going.

If you would like to donate by mail. Please send a check to PO Box 117, Lovingston, VA 22949