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Immigration Policy

What I Believe: America is unlike any other country in the world. We are comprised of people from all walks of life and from areas all over the globe. Our “melting pot” composition is our greatest strength. However, the current status of our immigration practices presents a danger to our national security, our national identity, and our national, state, and local economies. I believe it is the role of the Federal government to protect American jobs for American workers, to secure our borders including the building of a wall on our southern border, and to strengthen our immigration system by enforcing our laws, eliminating illegal immigration, and ensuring that legal immigration meets our needs as a nation. I support a merit-based system where immigration is granted to those based on our economic needs, including industries like agriculture right here in the 5th District.   

Why I Believe It: Responsible immigration policies strengthen our country; unfettered and unchecked immigration is a threat. Unfortunately, illegal immigration has now become a political hotbed resulting in millions of individuals who, while many want to work and earn a living, are living in the shadows in America. The Federal and State government has now taken on the role of protecting illegal individuals in the US by providing access to services that have traditionally been reserved for those with legal status. Additionally, prohibitions on inquiring about legal status has led to an unprecedented quagmire wherein the status of individuals living in the United States is unknown. In the meantime, individuals who seek legal entry into our country complete the application process and remain in the queue for years awaiting approval. I believe that the immigration system is long overdue for real reform and it must be addressed. 

I am proud of earning the grade of “True Reformer” by Numbers USA for my stance on immigration reform. It is my top priority to ensure responsible immigration strengthens the United States and not weakens and bankrupts it.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to:

  • – End chain migration
  • – Improve and increase border enforcement and funding
  • – End birthright tourism
  • – Eliminate the Diversity Visa Program (the Visa Lottery) and end visa overstays
  • – Make E-Verify mandatory
  • – Strengthen our immigration biometric identification system
  • – End amnesty and rewards for illegal immigrants (such as sanctuary cities and instate tuition)
  • – Reduce or stop foreign aid to countries who do not help stop illegal immigration from their country into the United States