Frequently Asked Questions

Claim: Bob Good is a “Never Trumper” who doesn’t support President Trump. 

Truth: Bob publicly endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, 2020, and 2024. He has called Trump “the best President of my lifetime”, and votes consistently in Congress for the “America First” agenda.  Bob enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump in the 2024 Virginia Primary race.  President Trump said this about Bob Good in 2022: “Congressman Bob Good is doing a wonderful job in Congress for the people of Virginia…He is a proven conservative in Virginia’s 5th District and fights for Lower Taxes, cuts government spending, supports our Vets, and ensures our First Responders are respected and fully funded. Bob Good has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”


Claim: Donald Trump has endorsed Bob Good’s opponent. 

Truth: Donald Trump has not endorsed in this primary race.


Claim: Bob Good is divisive and works with the Democrats because he voted to remove McCarthy as Speaker. 

Truth: Bob does not compromise his America First values, even if that means breaking false “unity” with Republicans who are NOT fighting to reduce spending, secure our border, or protect our constitutional freedoms.. Bob wants Republicans to keep their campaign promises to the American people. McCarthy broke the promises he made to become Speaker, and failed to keep his commitments to reduce spending to pre-COVID levels, bring all 12 individual spending bills to the Floor, vote on a balanced budget, vote on term limits, and impeach Mayorkas.

The Republican majority was never in jeopardy and there was never a possibility a Democrat would be elected Speaker.


Claim: Bob Good doesn’t support law enforcement.

Truth: This claim is dishonestly misrepresenting Bob’s vote against giving hundreds of millions for a new FBI headquarters that would be larger than the Pentagon. Bob wants to reform or defund the FBI to end its weaponization against conservatives, not give them a new headquarters.

Bob has been endorsed by sheriffs and local law enforcement members across our district because they know he supports them.

Bob sponsored the Protect Our Police Act to give law enforcement access to life saving equipment (Endorsed by every major VA Law Enforcement group).


Claim: Bob Good doesn’t support our veterans. 

Truth: Bob is endorsed by veterans including former Navy Seal, Rep. Eli Crane (AZ), retired Army general Scott Perry (PA), and retired Navy commander Rep. Andrew Clyde (GA), because they know Bob stands with veterans and supports our military. Bob has voted against military spending bills that advance CRT, DEI, and LGTBQ policies, fund abortion and transgender surgeries, and focus on extreme climate initiatives like the mandatory conversion to electric military vehicles. Bob has 2 veterans working on his congressional staff, and they have resolved over 700 cases for military veterans who needed help with the VA or another federal agency. Bob has  participated in more than 60 veteran-related events over the past 3 years.

Bob has sponsored H.R.5901, the Veterans Education is Timeless Act. This bill would remove arbitrary deadlines on the ability to use GI education benefits for veterans and their dependents.


Claim: Bob isn’t fighting to secure our borders. 

Truth: Bob kept his promise not to vote to fund the government until the border is secure, and to not borrow money to secure other nations’ borders when our own border is wide open to anyone who wants to enter. Bob has visited the southern border 6 times in 3 years, and understands that this is a national crisis making every town a “border town.”

Bob Good is leading the fight to secure our borders, and has sponsored the following border and immigration bills:

H.R. 398, No Asylum for Criminals Act of 2021. This bill would codify and strengthen Trump Administration asylum reforms by disqualifying criminals from eligibility.

H.R. 991, Preserving Safety Net Integrity Act of 2021. This bill would codify Trump policies that ensure immigrants demonstrate self-sufficiency.

H.R.4199, No Taxpayer Funding for the Central American Minors. This bill would codify Trump policies blocking taxpayer funding for an Obama/Biden chain-migration program.

H.R. 7024, Every Town A Border Town Act. This bill would declare MS-13 a foreign terrorist organization.

H.R.6628, Close Biden’s Open Border Act. This legislation would finish construction of Trump’s border wall and pay for it by reducing UN funding.


Other Truths to Know


The truth about the WHO: Bob is standing against the World Health Organization (WHO)  and is fighting to eliminate WHO funding. The WHO is responsible for tyrannical COVID lockdowns across the globe. The WHO threatens American sovereignty by being given authority to declare a “crisis” on issues from climate change to pandemics. 

The truth about Israel and Ukraine: Bob has not voted to give any money to Ukraine. He will not vote to secure the border in Ukraine while our borders are open. Bob voted for paid-for funding for Israel, but against funding for Israel that was borrowed and/or tied to funding for Ukraine. Bob recognizes Israel as a vital strategic ally for America, unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself, and believes aid to Israel should be a stand-alone bill. 

The truth about China: Bob recently introduced a bill called the Iran China Accountability Act to stop the U.S. from entering into a nuclear agreement with Iran until they stop funding terrorism and cut financial and strategic ties to China.