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Energy Policy

What I Believe: The American economy should be free, fair, and open. The energy sector is no exception. Government must not be in the business of controlling, subsidizing, heavily regulating, or penalizing energy producers. The U.S. oil, gas, and electric markets must be run by private industry with limited government intrusion. I am fully supportive of new and alternative energy technology and production. However, these should be developed in the free market and not in the vacuum of big government. Capitalism is the answer to reliable and sustainable energy.

The United States must maintain the ability to produce its own energy and allow domestic supply and demand to dictate prices. Our energy policy should prioritize American consumers, American workers, American security, and the American economy.

Energy prices have a tremendous impact on our citizens and our economy.  Beyond the economic impact, energy independence is vital to our national security, as we no longer depend upon foreign or even hostile nations for our energy needs. 

Radical policies like the Green New Deal and agreements like the Paris Climate Accord are job- killing, economy-destroying initiatives.  These proposals would not only tremendously weaken the United States economically, but would also threaten our national security and how we live our daily lives.

Why I Believe It: Energy independence is not only an economic issue, but it is also a freedom issue and a national security issue. As the energy-independent world leader in oil and natural gas production, we are no longer beholden to hostile foreign governments and overseas organizations. This must continue, and free market policies are the only method to facilitate our independence. Energy independence is vital to our overall economic freedom, and to ensuring we are able to supply our own critical energy needs.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to:
– Remove cumbersome regulations that hold energy producers hostage and drive up energy costs for consumers
– Encourage all forms of energy development and the responsible harvesting of our national resources
– Incentivize appropriate environmental stewardship that is balanced with the economic needs provided by sufficient affordable energy
– Fight the influence of environmental and climate extremism on policy and legislation
– Eliminate barriers that reduce our energy exports to the global market

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