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Bob’s Bills

Immigration (bills supported by Numbers USA and FAIR)

H.R. 398, No Asylum for Criminals Act of 2021

This bill would codify and strengthen Trump Administration asylum reforms by disqualifying criminals from eligibility.

H.R. 991, Preserving Safety Net Integrity Act of 2021

This bill would codify Trump policies that ensure immigrants demonstrate self-sufficiency.

H.R.4199, No Taxpayer Funding for the Central American Minors

This bill would codify Trump policies blocking taxpayer funding for an Obama/Biden chain-migration program.

H.R. 7024, Every Town A Border Town Act
This bill would declare MS-13 a foreign terrorist organization.

H.R.6628, Close Biden’s Open Border Act
This legislation would finish construction of Trump’s border wall and pay for it by cutting off UN funding.

Spending and Government Reform

H.R. 2577, Article I Regulatory Budget Act (supported by Citizens Against Government Waste, Conservative Enterprise Institute)

This bill would require that Congressional budgeting account for the cost of regulations.

H.R. 2779, ALERT Act of 2021 (supported by Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) and Heritage Action for America)

This bill would provide accountability for all Americans by requiring federal agencies produce a monthly update with detailed information about any new rules/regulations.

H.R. 2879, Nickel Plan Act

The bill would require the federal government to reduce spending by one nickel for every dollar.

H.R. 3045, No Regulation Through Litigation Act

This bill would restrict the ability to produce regulations through coordinated settlements between agencies and liberal activist groups, building on Trump proposals.

H. Res. 1077, Less is More Resolution

This bill would require the House of Representatives to eliminate two existing federal programs before creating a new government program.

H.R. 7743, Small Businesses Before Bureaucrats Act

This bill would exempt small businesses from onerous regulations and bureaucratic red tape.


H.R. 1498, Students Before Unions Act

This bill would require local education agencies be transparent about their dealing with Teachers Unions on COVID re-opening.

H.R. 3704, The CHOICE Act (introduced with Senator Lee and supported by Heritage Action)

This bill would allow for your tax dollars to follow your student in a 529 savings account.

H.R. 5047, Empowering Local Curriculum Act (introduced with Senator Lee)

This bill would prohibit federal funding from going to state and local curriculums indoctrinating students with CRT.

H.R.5731, Championing our Parents Act of 2021

This bill would prohibit federal funds for the Biden DOJ war on parents holding their school boards accountable.

H.R.5398, Defending Students’ Civil Rights Act of 2021 (supported by Center for Renewing America)

This bill would make teaching CRT and civil rights violation punishable by federal law.

H.R. 7058, Federal Student Loan Integrity Act

This bill would restrict the Biden Administration’s ability to transfer the cost of unpaid student loans to taxpayers.

H.R. 8767, the Empowering Parents Act

This legislation would allow for parents to sue their taxpayer funded school for forcing radical SOGI and CRT views on students.

Election Integrity

H.R. 6446, One Citizen One Vote Act

This legislation would defund blue state fraudulent election practices and make elections more secure.


H.Res. 389, National Pregnancy Center Week (introduced with Senator Lee)

This resolution designates the week of November 8th as National Pregnancy Center Week to honor the sacrifice of pregnancy centers across the country.

H.R.5136, Teleabortion Prevention Act of 2021 (supported by Susan B. Anthony List, Family Research Council, March for Life Action, National Right to Life, Students for Life Action, Heritage Action, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

This legislation would criminalize the practice of providing a chemical abortion through the mail, countering Biden’s pro-abortion crusade.

H. Res. 1167, Requiring A Vote on the Life at Conception Act

This resolution would require the House of Representatives to immediately debate and vote on the Life at Conception Act.

2nd Amendment

H.R. 2469, SHUSH Act (supported by NAGR, GOA)

This bill would deregulate suppressors (silencers).

H.R.3823, PISTOL Act (supported by NAGR, GOA, VCDL)

This bill would prevent Biden’s backdoor ban on pistol braces.

COVID Lockdowns

H.R. 754, Protecting Religion from Government Act of 2021

This bill would allow Americans to sue their state or local government if their right to worship is abridged through lockdowns.

H.R. 755, Right to Earn a Living Act of 2021

This bill would block COVID funding for blue states that lockdown businesses.


H.R. 992, No Taxpayer Funding for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Act of 2021

This bill would require the Attorney General to report on CCP infiltration of taxpayer funded research.

H.R. 3465, Iran China Accountability Act

This bill would block the funding for an Iran Nuclear agreement, until all financial ties between Iran and China cease.  

Labor (bills supported by Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, Heritage Action for America, and National Right to Work)

H.R. 2218, Davis-Bacon Repeal Act

This bill wouldsave taxpayer money by repealing the Jim Crow era “Davis-Bacon” law which requires the federal government to pay inflated wages to union employees on government contracts.

H.R. 2403, Prohibit Neutrality Agreements

This bill would prohibit labor organizers from coercing employers into helping them organize unions.

H.R. 8935, Union Integrity Act

This legislation would allow for union employees to expose corrupt practices and harassment committed by union bosses.


H.R. 4820, Health Agency Check-Up Act

This bill would de-politicize and shrink the overall footprint of the CDC and other public health agencies.


H.R. 2314, Protect Our Police Act (supported by Heritage Action and VA Law enforcement including Virginia Law Enforcement organizations, including: Virginia State Police Association, Virginia Sheriffs Association, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and Foundation, Inc., and Virginia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. Virginia Fraternal Order of Police)

This bill would prohibit the Biden Administration from unilaterally issuing any restriction on the 1033 Program, which provides lifesaving equipment to law enforcement.


H.R.5901, Veterans Education is Timeless Act This bill would remove arbitrary deadlines on the ability to use GI education benefits for veterans and their dependents.

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