Bob Good Leads on Protection of 2nd Amendment
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November 21, 2019
Press Releases

Bob Good Leads on Protection of 2nd Amendment

Lynchburg, Va — Bob Good, candidate for Congress and current member of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors (Sunburst District), was among the “first in the fight” to assert the Constitutional rights of Virginia citizens to maintain their firearms.

The Campbell County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution on November 7 declaring Campbell County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”  The resolution will be submitted to the state legislature urging lawmakers to oppose any new restrictions on law abiding gun owners. This was in response to Governor Northam’s rollout of his 2020 legislative agenda which included limitations on firearms sales and usage.

Since the passage of the Campbell County resolution, other 5th Congressional District of Virginia counties have followed suit by passing similar resolutions including Pittsylvania and Appomattox. Other counties with pending resolutions in the 5th Congressional District include Franklin, Prince Edward, and Bedford.

“I want to strongly encourage all citizens in the 5th District to reach out to their local Board of Supervisors, City Council, or Town Council and urge them to send similar resolutions to lawmakers in Richmond. It’s our duty to voice our concerns to the Governor and General Assembly expressing our opposition to laws that will infringe on our Constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights. I am proud of the stand taken by the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, leaders in other localities – including our sheriffs – and the response of concerned citizens as a whole” said Good.

Good added, “It is wonderful to see hundreds of citizens across the Commonwealth showing up to their local Board of Supervisors meetings. It means that the people are taking the Governor’s proposed actions seriously and are proactively sending him a clear message of opposition to any Second Amendment infringement. The gun rights afforded to us by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution are unique to us as Americans and are critical to protecting the other freedoms we hold dear.”

The Campbell County resolution was proposed by supervisor Charlie Watts (Brookneal), with Good being the first to enthusiastically voice his support. Good took the matter a step further by including Second Amendment protection among his six proposed additions to the board’s legislative priorities submitted to the General Assembly in response to the imminent Democrat takeover. The six additions were also unanimously approved by the board and included:

1. Opposing any efforts to reduce or inhibit the 2nd amendment rights of citizens to keep and bear arms as described in the Constitution.

2. Supporting maintaining Virginia as a right-to-work state and opposes any requirement that employees join or pay dues to a union.

3. Opposing any efforts to undermine our federal immigration laws or create sanctuary cities to protect those violating our laws.

4. Supporting maintaining Virginia as a low tax, business friendly state, and opposes new taxes and increasing the tax burden upon our citizens.

5. Supporting the free market system and opposes forcing businesses to pay a substantially higher minimum wage, believing it will result in a reduction of job opportunities for our most needy and vulnerable citizens, and ultimately result in higher costs passed on to and paid by the citizens.

6. Supporting the sanctity of human life from conception and opposes any efforts to further relax current abortion restrictions or expand access to publicly funded abortion.

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